Virtualised Server Solution

Virtualised Server Solution

Fed up with having multiple servers? Worried about the power being used up? Experiencing poor performance from your server applications? Want to set up an effective disaster recovery process?

Then look at virtualising your servers.

We have recently decommissioned 3 physical servers from one of our customers and consolidated all the features into a single physical box running a total of 4 virtual servers, giving the customer improved performance and now the ability to run Remote Desktop services.

The server is being backed up on our cloud services and we can now spin up a server in the cloud for all users to access in about 20 minutes from start to finish in the event of a loss of the complete IT system.

This solution has enabled our customer – Chantler Kent Investments - to tick all the boxes within their “must haves” with regards to the FCA requirements.

Claude Carletide, one of the founding partners comments “Our previous servers had been running for over 5 years and with the significant increase in staff and the need to be able to be up and running with minimal downtime in the event of a catastrophe at the office, coupled with our responsibility to our Clients, we went with b1Services proposals for a virtualised environment.

We can now rest assured that in the event we have a significant issue, before we are able to physically arrive at temporary offices, b1Services will have made the servers available to us in the cloud for everyone to connect to from wherever they are able to access the internet.

The migration to the new system was carried out over a weekend and by the time we came in on Monday morning we were operating on the new system. An excellent job by all.”

Virtualising servers has been around for some 10 years and major benefits have been seen, our first in house virtualised server was built at this time. We have been supplying virtualised solutions for over 5 years in a production environment.

Previously we were seeing Companies with a server that ran as a domain controller, a second server as an Exchange box, a third as a SQL Database server and separate file and print servers.

This took up a lot of resources, space and gave little if any redundancy.

To recreate the on premise environment in the event of a catastrophe would take a lot of effort, time and money.

However, you can consolidate all these functions onto a single piece of hardware which is effectively split into what looks to the system like multiple devices.

Each server has an “image file” and this can effectively be “spun up” on a cloud device or dissimilar hardware such as a laptop or PC in the event of a major issue.

Coupled with our cloud backup services, we can have a server image from a customer’s server solution up and running within minutes rather than hours or in some cases days.  This means continuity of work and full peace of mind that your key Company functions can continue to operate from anywhere.

In addition to this, whereas the old single server per application meant that you were under utilising the processor power of the server, this way you are fully utilising the hardware with no compromise on performance.

You save significantly on running costs and maintenance costs allowing you to look at a higher spec single server and still save money overall on the outlay.

It is far easier to configure a virtualised server and with good planning and migration strategies, downtime for the changeover need not be an issue.

If you want to find our more about how we can improve your efficiency, processes and security, speak to our team today.


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